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Thanksgiving Breakfast  – November 23rd: 7am Common Ground
Grits & Eggs  – November 26th: 9aCommon Ground
Family Meal  – December 10th: 1pm Common Ground
Jubilee Conference  – January 18-20th: Belhaven University

Ready for Thanksgiving Breakfast?

Food and generosity invite us to the blessing of relationship. As we reflect on how God has blessed each of us in different ways, let us join together over a meal as friends and family. Coats and other cold-weather necessities need to be donated in order to adequately provide for the needs of our community.  
Thanksgiving Breakfast is November 23rd // 7:00am // Common Ground

Mentors needed

1 hour a week at Pecan Park Elementary School. Do you think you could make room in your schedule? We have a few groups of female students still waiting to get a mentor. Please reply to this email, contact Ashley Chisholm, or visit: commongroundjxn.org/talks-mentoring

Grits & Eggs

Every 4th Sunday, we have breakfast before church starts!

There are always grits. There are always eggs.

This week, there's also French toast.
Grits & Eggs is November 26th // 9:00am // Common Ground

Studying the Bible, In Community

In early October we starting reading through the Bible together in small groups. We have audio files so you can listen along (or subscribe to the podcast), a reader's guide to help you know what's happening, a family guide if you have kids, and if you're a small group leader, we even have a leader's guide to help you facilitate the experience!

If you aren't in a small group, please check out the graphic below and try one out. You are always welcome at any of our small groups!
We want to be an agent of change in our city. So, together with as many community partners as we can gather, we present, Jubilee '18.

The Jubilee Conference exists to unite churches, non-profits, and government agencies to strategically meet the needs of the poor in Jackson. 
Wanna help? We need it. Let us know