The Acts 5

       What is the church? What is Common Ground (CG) Church in Community? As pastor of CG, I contemplated how to introduce this new blog, but it’s much more than a BLOG but an attempt for us to take a journey together. We, Common Ground, talk about ourselves as a product of commitment to church-based Christian Community Development. We are meeting Jesus where he is at work in this community and in our great city of Jackson, Mississippi. 

      To help you understand why I believe this is urgently important I continually ask myself these questions: If CG Church disappeared tomorrow, would anybody notice? Would anyone is negatively impacted in our city? Or even nationally? Would the ones we serve be saddened? Would anyone say, they were committed to doing the work for the Lord in our community? Will the schools notice? Will the children notice? Will the businesses notice? Basically, will anyone care? Do we the Church really matter? I believe we only matter if we are making the effort to make a difference!

       I know I am not the only one asking these questions. Whether you are a Pastor, Lay Leader, or a person without a title (but expected to fulfill a responsibility), we serve while praying that God is using us to make a difference. Common Ground Church in Community is our way of inviting you to walk with us on our journey as we do God's work in Jackson, MS. As we transform together, we are cheering each other on through sharing, loving and giving God works in our community as well as yours. 

       We are returning the church to the center of the public square with the power and might of the Holy Spirit, like the apostles before us who stood at the city gates in the public square as the Lord prompted them to go and proclaim and tell them about this New Life.

1. Earlier this year we pulled together a group of people who are concerned about the welfare of Jackson Ms. The Church, Nonprofits, and Government. 

Check out videos on our Youtube Channel: Common Ground Church in Community; as well as the website for a closer look at what church in community looks like.

2. Check out this article written by My friend Anthony Bobo and I wrote together. A Playbook for Common Ground. Look out for more plays for Common Ground though our monthly updates as well as social media.

3. April 4th of this year we celebrated the life and Legacy of Dr. King with MLK50. I want to invite you to listen to a talk given by Common Ground's Scholar in Residence Professor Ron Potter as he gives a talk inspired by Dr. Martin Luther Kings book last book Where Do We Go From Here. 

Pastor John P. Perkins, Lead Pastor of Common Ground Covenant Church