Quality work + transformative mission

Common Ground Lawn Care, LLC  is a social enterprise of Common Ground Covenant Church. CG Lawn Care was founded in 2017 with the mission of empowering individuals, restoring dignity and reducing recidivism.

What we do

  • Grounds keeping – includes leaf raking, brush trimming, bed cleaning
  • Re-mulching if needed.
  • Mowing and trimming of all grass areas
  • Edging along concrete walks, driveways
  • Clean up debris and clipping.

Commercial & Public 

Our priority is to beautify West Jackson by focusing on the institutions and public lands that make up a large portion of its property. Our contracts include Voice of Calvary Ministries and Refill Cafe.
Interested in working with us? 



$45* – Cost for avg Jackson yard
$40* – West Jackson Discounted rate
$35* – Elderly Discounted rate
*Prices based on the average size lot in the city of Jackson 


Empowering People 

Our largely employ people who are under and unemployed. As a result we prioritize providing our employees with the tools, opportunities, and networking to generate their own income.