Small Groups are...

a place to connect, grow, be challenged, and be loved. Most often small groups include a meal and authentic discussion around the bible or biblical topics.

Never heard of a "Small Group" before?

If you've been involved in a church before, maybe you're more used to a term like Bible Study, Community Group, or Life Group. If you've never been involved in a church at all, or one that didn't have anything like this, then imagine a family dinner with intentional conversation to get to the heart of what God is trying to teach each one of us. No matter what you've called it in the past, or if you've never heard the term at all, know that you are always invited and welcome anytime! 

Any Questions?

Contact the group leader:

Perkins @ Church – Pastor John
cell: 601.238.2071 OR

Grove Home – Alan Grove
cell: 360.566.7646 OR